The Merlot || @smolderishere

Astrid chuckled at herself and mostly at the conversation she just had with the infamous Ian Somerhalder. She might never worked with him before, but she had heard some rather steamy gossip about the man, not that it can be helped seeing he was rather steamy man himself. They had agreed to more or less getting to know each other better and Astrid had invited him to come to her spacious apartment. Knowing he might arrived soon, Astrid proceeded to the bathroom to take a bath, cleaned herself meticulously before looking for something to wear, something casual that won’t give any impression of what she was actually expecting. She chose a pair of skinny jeans and a simple white blouse before she put just enough amount of make up and dried her hair and let it naturally fell on her shoulders. She took the bottle of Merlot she had told Ian about, setting it on the table with two wine glasses and she waited for him to arrived.

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    He mused at her question as he lets her lie on top of him, as he takes his breath of fresh air. “I can answer that...
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    Astrid shrugged and chuckling, “It’s not good to waste anything mon amour…” she joked looking at him with amused look....