Party Rockers || @askhornybiebs

Astrid looked around the room, trying to covered one of her ear from the blazing music inside the most happening club in L.A where the most happening Hollywood Party being held. Her eyes caught few people she knew, waving or smiling here and there, she made her way to the bar asking for a martini. She leaned to the bar watching Hollywood’s young adults moving along the music, she wasn’t big at the party scene, she came just because she had nothing better to do and her agent thought it would be a great idea for her to be spotted in some party as long she didn’t appear drunk or half naked. She took her drink and sipped her martini a little bit when her eyes landed on the most talked singer right then. The one and only Justin Bieber. Astrid couldn’t help but chuckled to herself thinking was he even legal to be in the party? But hell, it was hollywood, everything’s possible. She caught his eyes and raised her glass a little and smiled at him. 

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    Astrid watched him walking over to her. She didn’t quite familiar with his works although he was quite the sensational...